Who you think you are isn’t important. Who they think you are is what’s important!

By rdakinOctober 25, 2017

It’s all about perception.

Regardless of who you think you are as a business, regardless of what you stand for as a company, none of it matters compared to what the outside world thinks of you.

The perception of you held by past, present and future customers is the reality of what you are. The key then is to ensure that that perception is an accurate reflection of what you actually are, of what you want the world to see you as being.

To do that requires a focus on personal and business considerations, from both internal and external viewpoints.

Our set of FREE workshops in our Marketing theme can help you with exactly that. Amongst the speakers are:

  • Starbots Creative: Why bother with a brand?
  • The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice: An idiots guide to rebranding
  • Intercog: Personal marketing – how a confident you is a great marketing tool
  • Zoogly Media: Social media tips
  • Gogo designs: What’s your corporate image – old tin / new tin

So, does the outside world’s perception of you match your own?

If it does, great!

If not, or you’re not sure if it does, then these workshops are for you…

The Marketing theme is one of the many themes of workshops that are being held on the Festival’s Business Support Day on November 8th. You can find out more about those themes and workshops here and book your place here.