What’s big, yellow and outstanding in its field?

By rdakinOctober 31, 2017

A JCB digger! (sorry about the pun)

JCB diggers are iconic machines that are recognised all over the world, such is the remarkable reputation that they have.

The reality, however, is that JCB manufacture a lot more than just diggers that can be used in a lot more places than just fields. Construction, agriculture, power generation, government & defence and waste & recycling are all industries into which JCB supply high quality products supported by first class post-sales service.

But whatever the product, whatever the industry, underpinning the JCB strategy is a focus on innovation, ambition and sheer hard work, whilst pushing the boundaries in their desire to be the best at whatever they do.

And it’s not just their products that mirror this philosophy as can be seen by their fantastic Story of JCB Exhibition and their top-notch hospitality offerings.

We are therefore delighted that we are holding Day 1 of the Staffordshire Business Festival at JCB as we believe that taking in everything they have to offer, “up close and personal”, will be a truly inspirational experience (especially if you like diggers, magnificent machines or just manufacturing in general!)

And the best of it? Not only do you get to go on the Story of JCB Exhibition, not only do you get to sample the hospitality, you also get to hear from our three key-note speakers talking about how you can take your business to the next level.

All in all, it’s going to be a great day, so don’t miss it!

You can find out more about the Festival’s Inspiration Day here and book your place here.