How to lead well (or maybe just how to lead a little better…)

By rdakinOctober 25, 2017

Some people are born leaders, some people grow into the role and some people have leadership thrust upon them. Irrespective, though, of how the leader became the leader, it’s important that the leader leads well.

However, perhaps what’s more important is that good leaders look to continually look at ways of being better leaders. Sometimes that progress is a great stride. Other times it’s a small step. Either way, it’s still progress. The leader is becoming a better leader.

The hard part for leaders, though, is that they are at the top of their own organisation. Where do they go for that help to make them better leaders?

The answer: workshops like those that we are putting on as part of the Leadership theme during the Business Support Day at the festival. Drawn from the local area’s leadership and management development companies, speakers will include:

  • M Power:50 Shades of Leadership – Discover the leader within
  • Synectics Solutions: Managing your chimp
  • Open Road Learning: The cost of your culture:  top down and bottom up approach to creating a wellbeing culture.
  • Plum Happy: How to lead your business with PIE, to get a bigger slice
  • Strategi Solutions: Developing resilient organizations

So, if you’re in a leadership position and want to know how to lead well, or maybe just how to lead a bit better, why not take advantage of these FREE workshops to top up your own skills?

The Leadership theme is one of the many themes of workshops that are being held on the Festival’s Business Support Day on November 8th. You can find out more about those themes and workshops here and book your place here.