Don’t you just love technology?!?

By rdakinOctober 25, 2017

The truth is that most of us do but we don’t really realise that we do!

That’s because it’s transparent. We get on with our daily lives and technology just sits there in the background allowing us to do that. Add to that that technology is constantly evolving and getting more powerful and useful, almost by osmosis in a way, it just seems to get better without most people really paying much attention to it.

But if something goes wrong with that technology, then people notice!

Slow internet, server crashes, systems being hacked – they all get noticed.

Those responsible for technology in businesses have therefore got three things to focus on:

  • making sure that everything is working
  • reducing the possibility that things could go wrong
  • being ready for when things do go wrong

Those three focuses are exactly what the FREE workshops in the Festival’s Technology theme on November 8th are all about. Speakers include:

  • M & M Group: Backup is not a luxury, it’s a necessity
  • Internet Central: Connectivity – What options do businesses have?
  • Leek United: Fraud awareness

You need to have a plan for when things go wrong. You need to have a plan to stop things going wrong. You need to have a plan to keep things working.

So how good are your plans?

The Technology theme is one of the many themes of workshops that are being held on the Festival’s Business Support Day on November 8th. You can find out more about those themes and workshops here and book your place here.